NCSICA Scholarships

Outside Community Scholarships

If you are receiving funding from a community or school scholarship, please indicate clearly, and/or have your teacher or sponsor indicate clearly what funds are arriving in what amounts and from whom. Include contact information for these scholarships. We are honored to have you with us but we need help in figuring out how many sponsors you may have supporting you in what amounts. Speak with your teacher about community scholarship opportunities!

Other Scholarships available to NCSICA campers

NCSICA President’s Scholars are invited to apply for this scholarship once they have been heard at a NCMEA MPA or Contest Festival.

The President’s Scholarship Program recognizes those young singers who have both extraordinary talent and extraordinary character. Candidates may be enrolled in any middle or high school in North Carolina but must have a record of Superior ratings for solo performance through the North Carolina Music Educators Association. Candidates are invited to apply by the NCSICA camp president or designee.

Candidates will be awarded a 75% scholarship to NCSICA. No more than 5 scholarships will be awarded per year. This scholarship is based on merit, not financial need. A copy of their NCMEA solo judging document(s) must be submitted.

Candidates must present three letters on organization letterhead attesting to their character and listing examples in support of this extraordinary character. Contact information for the adult recommending this singer must also appear on the letters. Letters must be submitted by adults who are in direct authority over the candidate and may also mention community work. No candidate who has been suspended at their school, has served time in ISS, or has a criminal record need apply.

Candidates, once awarded, must attend NCSICA for the length of their particular choir session and serve as mentors to choir members. Candidates must perform at the NCSICA Classical Night Talent Show in formal attire and must perform the solo repertoire for which they were awarded their superior rating. A professional accompanist will be provided. Bring legal copies of your solo for the accompanist.

Candidates must exemplify the character traits for which they have been awarded this scholarship during camp and it is possible those traits may be announced as part of the Classical Talent Show.

Candidates must have all components of the application postmarked by May 1, including the NCSICA registration application, the teacher recommendation portion of which will constitute a fourth character recommendation. Please include all components in one envelope.

You will be notified by May 25th of your acceptance.

Postmark deadlines:
May 1: Scholarship initial application due (and all other components of the scholarship paperwork)
First day of NCSICA: any remaining registration fees due on site (you may pay this in advance via mail)

Submit to:
President’s Scholars Program
PO Box 21343,
Winston-Salem, NC 27120

Qualified singers may apply by invitation for the Casstevens Scholarship of $100 towards NCSICA.  Candidates must supply 3 letters of recommendation illustrating their character along with their NCSICA Application.  Candidates for the Casstevens Scholarship are not required to perform a solo at the NCSICA Talent Show but are required to be a good role model for the camp as they represent their parents, school, and community. Invited candidates should include the remainder of the registration fee along with their application and letters of recommendation when submitting. Deadline to apply is May 1.

Submit to:
Martha Casstevens Scholarship
PO Box 21343,
Winston-Salem, NC 27120


First Year School Music Teachers may receive a $100 reduction in the registration fee for NCSICA in any year.

(See Application page for online application)

One of the most rewarding aspects of our summer choral camp is the camaraderie of the adult participants. Sharing choral techniques with established teachers in our state provides a treasure trove of practical knowledge and networking for the young music educator. Networking with these extraordinary teachers can, and often does become a lifelong friendship.

Singing in the student choirs under our nationally known choral clinicians provides an invaluable additional experience. We encourage and hire only those clinicians who will sit with you at meals and answer your questions regarding our profession.

Fill out an application for the choral workshop of your choice and attach a letter from your school principal stating that you are a first year teacher. Submit your payment with the application. We run a background check on each participant and require each participant over age 18 complete an online course (with exam) regarding Child Safety. Passing scores only will allow participation.

If you are willing to serve as a counselor and we need you to counsel, your registration fee will be refunded at the close of camp. If you bring 10 fully paying campers you will be asked to be a counselor and your registration fee will be refunded.

Come join us!

Established by the Hunter Family in honor of their daughter Missy (first camper to reach the 10 year attendance mark and honored with a NCSICA brick on the Music Educators National Headquarters Walk of Fame in Reston Virginia), this scholarship is awarded annually (by application) to a Davidson County middle or high school singer who exemplifies outstanding character and talent. For application please contact NCSICA. Deadline to apply is May 1.