For New/Interested Staff:

NCSICA utilizes a great staff of licensed teachers to work with us. Almost all of the NCSICA staff works on a volunteer basis. We cover your room, order music, seek and dining costs for the week. Staff usually arrive on Saturday before camp begins and go home the following Saturday.

Warren Wilson and NCSICA are a great summer mountain escape! If you are interested in working with NCSICA in 2017, please let us know! We will make hiring decisions and assignments based on camp enrollment and need, and will contact staff members with offers between mid-April and early May. Use our contact form to let us know you’re interested in working with us!

For Hired Staff:

2018 Staff Application will be available in May 2018!

Adult participants must complete TrainRight Child Abuse Awareness training. If you are required to take this training, you will be contacted by Sharon Barnett, our registrar. This training must be completed before June 1! If you have any questions about training, please contact us.