My experiences as a counselor at NCSICA have been a highlight of each year with outstanding clinicians, medical talented campers, and friendly and caring staff. Join us next summer – we’ll make you feel right at home!


I would like to say I enjoy myself every time I come to NCSICA and I talk about it a lot and the music there is great and so are the staff and I love going there. Also, sickness I plan on coming again next year so I’m looking forward to it and I just can’t wait.


I enjoyed this camp completely. I felt great that for some amount of time I could be free with my singing abilities and enjoy some fun with other young singers as well.


Thank you for a week that was truly life changing for students, page teachers, and parents alike. The pursuit of excellence brought out the best in us all! I had so many moments… aha moments… tearful moments… joyful moments. Salamunovich and Goetze were magical!

Susan Morrow

You do such an amazing job and have an incredible staff! Thanks again for all the kindness you have shown me… I have very fond memories of NCSICA.

Cynthia Gray
clinician, 2007

I had such a great time at camp. It was wonderful. The best yet! I met really nice friends and now have a pen pal. I hope nothing at this camp ever changes!


I just wanted to let you all know how much my daughter, symptoms Courtney, here enjoyed her weekend at NCSICA. She still talks about it as one of the highlights of her summer. She plans on attending next year. Thank you for taking good care of her and giving her a great opportunity. Many thanks!


This is the best camp ever!

B. Jenkins

I am always amazed at the professionalism and caliber of music that these middle and high school students master. Great clinicians, mind always, and musically adept young students.

D. Tippett

This was my second year. I had more fun this year than I had last year! I’ll be back again!


As a parent, salve I have learned from the comments of the clinicians prior to the performance. Clearly the choir connected with the clinician.

M. Wilson

Words do not do justice to the feelings that I have about NCSICA. After 15 years, page nothing compares to the family I feel there, and I retain that feeling all year long. This past [year] may have been our best year yet!

camp staff

I wanted to tell you how wonderful I thought the camp was this summer. It is probably one of the best things we have participated in. Thanks for all the hard work that went into making it happen.

Mary Ann Cooper
Voices in the Laurel – choir-in-residence

I’m still savoring the sweetness and music of the week with all of you, buy your great staff, and those terrific kids.

Mary Goetze
clinician, 2008


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